Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pregnancy is kicking my butt this week.

It feels quite literal actually.   My tailbone has felt like it's broken, it doesn't help that I've had a busy week in clinic-don't get me wrong, I love clinic time, but my body is just loudly protesting this week.  It's been taking all my energy not to wobble around like an elderly person.  My entire body hurts...I'm not quite sure how that works.  The worst part is that I don't wake up feeling better.  A good nights rest used to leave me spry in the morning, apparently those days are gone!

Despite all that, I can't help but feel so blessed by this baby girl growing inside of me (and I mean growing! my mom comments on how "huge" my belly is almost every time I talk to her :)).  She makes it all worth it.  It's strange how much I love her without even knowing her.

Enough grumbling. I've had fantastic patients this week and after Friday I don't have another exam for 3 whole, entire weeks!!  I am so excited.

Here's a photo from last Sabbath of Danny holding a cute new baby (6 weeks old).  He's going to make the best daddy!

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