Tuesday, October 22, 2013

26 weeks.

  1. Baby moving A LOT, at random times.  Danny says he feels her being really active while I'm sleeping (he loves sleeping with his hand on my belly and "we" like it too.)
  2. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice craving!  I-WANT-IT-ALL-THE-TIME
  3. Starting to get tired again.  The 2nd semester has been my sweet spot...not tired, not sick, just perfect.  With the 3rd trimester looming, I'm not ready to give this glorious period up!
  4. My mom took some photos of us this last Sabbath...when did I get swallowed by someone else? (see photo)  I'm feeling a bit anxious about this baby weight.  But I suppose I'm putting it on for a purpose.  Though I'm sure point #2 is not helping...must resist these cravings!
  5. Will be doing my first root canal treatment this week (as long as my patient shows up...)->milestone!
  6. Danny starts his preceptorship.  Six more weeks until his graduates with his BSN.  I'm so proud.
  7. Baby was gifted her first diaper.  In the words of Danny, "how does this thing even work?"  We have a lot to learn about babies!

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