Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pregnancy is kicking my butt this week.

It feels quite literal actually.   My tailbone has felt like it's broken, it doesn't help that I've had a busy week in clinic-don't get me wrong, I love clinic time, but my body is just loudly protesting this week.  It's been taking all my energy not to wobble around like an elderly person.  My entire body hurts...I'm not quite sure how that works.  The worst part is that I don't wake up feeling better.  A good nights rest used to leave me spry in the morning, apparently those days are gone!

Despite all that, I can't help but feel so blessed by this baby girl growing inside of me (and I mean growing! my mom comments on how "huge" my belly is almost every time I talk to her :)).  She makes it all worth it.  It's strange how much I love her without even knowing her.

Enough grumbling. I've had fantastic patients this week and after Friday I don't have another exam for 3 whole, entire weeks!!  I am so excited.

Here's a photo from last Sabbath of Danny holding a cute new baby (6 weeks old).  He's going to make the best daddy!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

27 weeks

27 weeks marks the beginning of my third trimester and I think you can definitely tell ;)
I'm finally starting to seriously work on the nursery.  I organized all the baby's clothes today by size and lots of other little things.  After this week, I won't have another exam for a few weeks, so I'm planning on getting my bigger projects under way.
I'm already so anxious to meet our baby girl!  We love her so much already.  But I know the time will come soon enough.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Today I had my test to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes.  The fact that I was a bit nervous about shows how non-healthily I've been eating recently.  This is something I'm not proud of.  I'm determined to improve my eating habits!  Goals are good, right?  I'm looking to get a bit more specific in the near future. (Haven't found out the results yet.)
Side comment on the taste: not bad.  I chugged it though, because I heard the more you sip, the worse it is.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Books I'm reading.

*Pregnancy Edition*
I am a serial multi-book reader, when the book is informative instead of being a story.  Here's what's currently on my nightstand:

1. I'm hoping to do this childbirth thing the old-fashion way-no drugs.  Basically everyone I mention this to things I'm crazy or wishes me luck.  Not a whole lot of support around these parts, except for my hubby and my mom, which is all I need!  I really believe natural is the way to go.  So I figure I'd better prepare, prepare, prepare if I'm going to make it. I've been loving what I'm reading-exercises to help prep my body, learning all about the birthing process, and encouragement about giving birth naturally.  I'm definitely glad this book was recommended via my centering group

2. This is a huge hippie book....and I love it!  I skipped the first half, because it's birthing stories, which I'm not terribly interested in.  Every birth seems to be really different, so I sometimes  see birthing stories as expectations that I may not reach.  The second half has been great though.  It talks about how emotions affect the birthing process and there's this great theory called the "Sphincter Law" which makes complete sense to me.  This one I heard about via a Facebook group I'm a part of called "Mommy Support".

3. Amazing book about how to raise your child.  It's amazing how early kids start developing their character.  Character development is the thing that scares me the most about this whole parenthood thing-it's so important as far as how my daughter will interact with others throughout her whole life.  Everything makes so much sense, I'm glad my mom gifted this one to us this last Christmas.  In hindsight, that was a clear sign ;)

If anyone stumbles about this little ol' blog of mine, I'd love to hear your recommendations, leave them in the comments!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

26 weeks.

  1. Baby moving A LOT, at random times.  Danny says he feels her being really active while I'm sleeping (he loves sleeping with his hand on my belly and "we" like it too.)
  2. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice craving!  I-WANT-IT-ALL-THE-TIME
  3. Starting to get tired again.  The 2nd semester has been my sweet spot...not tired, not sick, just perfect.  With the 3rd trimester looming, I'm not ready to give this glorious period up!
  4. My mom took some photos of us this last Sabbath...when did I get swallowed by someone else? (see photo)  I'm feeling a bit anxious about this baby weight.  But I suppose I'm putting it on for a purpose.  Though I'm sure point #2 is not helping...must resist these cravings!
  5. Will be doing my first root canal treatment this week (as long as my patient shows up...)->milestone!
  6. Danny starts his preceptorship.  Six more weeks until his graduates with his BSN.  I'm so proud.
  7. Baby was gifted her first diaper.  In the words of Danny, "how does this thing even work?"  We have a lot to learn about babies!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Our 1 year anniversary

Again, our anniversary was July 29.  But these photos that Terra Schwartz took are just too cute not to post ;)

It's fun to think about how much things have changed in the year and a bit that we've been married.  I feel so grown up-I suppose I should since there's a baby on the way.  Grown up in a good way.  In a "I love waking up next to my 'media naranja' every morning" and a "there's a little human growing in my belly" kind of way.

Pregnancy Announcement.

(Nevermind that the whole pregnancy thing was announcement to the world, via facebook, July 29.  Again, I am attempting to reform my bad blogging ways.)

Our good friend, Terra Schwartz, was kind enough to take photos of us in the Haymarket.  It was so fun, because we were very ready to finally let the "secret" out!

Our baby girl is due on January 22, 2014.  Every day I wake up thinking I should pinch myself, we are just so incredibly excited to expand our little family.  We are truly blessed!