Wednesday, November 6, 2013

4 Simple Goals, before 2014

I saw this end of year project over at A Beautiful Mess a couple of weeks ago and instantly loved the idea.  I think I did the original challenge back in the day...but since I'm not great at documenting regularly (obviously), I don't remember the details.  I love having goals, even if I don't always attain them, just having them written out is a huge motivator.

1. Document this time in my life consistently.  At least three times a week.  A professor at school was telling us just how great this time in our lives is, and to make sure to thoroughly enjoy it.  Those are very true words.
2. Eat greens every day.  I'm bad at eating greens, I have to admit.  But I'm keeping this simple, at least one green, leafy thing a day.
3. Create more often.  Sure, I get to build up and restore teeth every day, but I feel like my personal crafting has taken a hit because of it.  To be more specific, pick up a project at least once a week for the rest of the year.
4. Eat out less often.  We go through phases and right now there's a lot of eating out going on.  I don't like it.  My goal is to cut back to one time a week or less.

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